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Country Streams Screensaver

Five beautiful cottage paintings come to life with rippling streams and playful butterflies floating by. Soothing piano music plays in the background. If you like cottage art, you will love this screensaver. Treat yourself today.

Shareware  2,193k 833 Patti Olsen

NTFS Streams Info

NTFS Streams Info is a GUI based tool designed to easily detect the presence of Alternate Data Streams (ADS) in NTFS files and folders on local computers and across local network. With this tool you can also create, write, rename, delete and export ADS. NTFS ...

Shareware  771k 972 Intelligence Systems GEO
Silver Streams Screensaver

Silver Streams Screensaver

Free Screensaver from Sounds That Soothe - music to calm & relax. Featuring beautiful views of the Peak District, England. Photographs and Artwork of one of the most serene parts of the world. Cycles between photographs taken in the area and album artwork by Louise ...

Freeware  1,308k 2071 Sounds That Soothe Ltd
Streams and Waterfalls Screen Saver

Streams and Waterfalls Screen Saver

Screen Saver with beautiful Images of Streams and Waterfalls by Chris Humphreys.It's powered by a first-class 32-bit Screen-Saver engine with plenty of options. Select the duration between images in seconds or minutes, decide if you want the images to fit the screen or display original ...

Shareware  2,441k 951 Tazmaniacs Screen Savers

X-Binary Interchgble Transaction Streams

XBITS is a primarily C++ project for isolating disparate data sources, such as XML, Relational data, text streams, etc. in such a way that the differences are transparent to the client, but can still support transfer of Binary data.

Freeware  701k 273

Socket Streams Library

The Socket Streams library is an implementation of the C++ Standard Library IOStreams over the POSIX socket interface.

Freeware  454k 213

Marx NTFS Alternate Data Streams Viewer

Within Windows 2000 and above, additional data can be associated and stored with a file, without impacting the file structure itself. This data is stored in what is known as an Alternate Data Stream. This alternate storage area is not reported or accessib

Freeware  85k 527


PropertyEditor is a context menu extension for Windows Explorer. Upon installation, it adds a host of new property editing capabilities. It lets you configure the context menu for the selected files, folders, or drives, change icons for the selected files and folders, create a report ...

Shareware  3,496k 1044 UsefulSoft


Multicom is appointed for emulation of one, two or more (up to 200) serial streams. Hardware devices are not necessary. This product is based on Windows XP DDK and doesn't require using devices of other manufacturers. The whole product is created with the help of ...

Commercial  448k 1289 Intellidriver Inc
Russian Fountains Screensaver

Russian Fountains Screensaver

This screensaver shows magic images of fountains in Russia. These remarkable water buildings are located in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other big cities of Russia. Powerful streams, spatters and briliance of the water drops ... You just will enchants! This screen saver contains 40 high-qualitative ...

Shareware  6,184k 1014 Altix Soft
VideoReDo Plus

VideoReDo Plus

Frame accurate MPEG Video editor delivers faster editing without loosing quality. Solves MPEG video sync issues quickly and reliably. Allows you to edit DVDs. If you are using any MPEG videos (MPEG1, MPEG2, and High Definition) VideoReDo is the quickest way to easily edit your ...

Shareware  5,417k 1047 VideoReDo

Serial Port Terminal

Advanced Serial Port Terminal is a session-based, multi-purpose application that provides simple communication interface to connect to any serial port device (modem;fax;GPS;mouse;printer and so on). Whether you want to connect to remote computer using null-modem cable, send or receive various types of data (ASCII string, ...

Shareware  2,221k 1358 ELTIMA Software GmbH

FileMetadata .NET

Element-IT FileMetadata .NET control provides methods to add and modify metadata for any files and folders at NTFS file system. Control uses Alternate Data Streams technology to work with metadata. The data moves with the file and independent of the file name. Metadata don't uses ...

Shareware  265k 1383 HTTP Commander
3D Coastal Waterfall

3D Coastal Waterfall

White water flows over rocky hillside near the ocean while lively fish jump and swim in softly rippling waters at the base of the waterfall. A bright blue-gray sky hosts slowly moving fluffy white clouds as seagulls circle high above crashing ocean waves. Contains real ...

Shareware  1,295k 985 Photo Screensavers


AltStreamDump is a console application (Command Prompt) that dumps the list of NTFS alternate streams found in the current directory. By using a few command-line options, you can also instruct AltStreamDump to displays the alternate streams list of other folders and to scan subfolders in ...

Freeware  10k 416 NirSoft Freeware

GetFastMoney Script

Get Fast Money Script - The More You Earn! Super High Quality, Ready Made(Turnkey) Website With Multiple Streams of Income! Complete With Easy Edit Admin Panel, RSS Content, eBay Affiliates, Affiliate Websites, Affiliate Resources, Google AdSense, Clickbank Affiliates, PayDotcom Affiliates, Built in Optin Forms.If You ...

Shareware    446 NetTrekk, Inc.

AlternateStreamV iew

AlternateStreamView is a small utility that allows you to scan your NTFS drive, and find all hidden alternate streams stored in the file system. After scanning and finding the alternate streams, you can extract these streams into the specified folder, delete unwanted streams, or save ...

Freeware  41k 312 NirSoft Freeware

ADS Scanner

Alternate Data Streams (ADS) are pieces of info hidden as metadata on files on NTFS drives. They are not visible in Explorer and the size they take up is not reported by Windows. Recent browser hijackers started using ADS to hide their files, and very ...

Freeware  379k 251 Pointstone Software, LLC
Audials Tunebite Premium

Audials Tunebite Premium

+++Legally record, convert and enjoy protected Music, Streams & Audiobooks anywhere+++ ++Tunebite Premium - At a Glance++ Music stream recorder & audio converter: record at double speed both protected and unprotected music streams from music sources in any format for PC, smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad ...

Demo  847,000k 1076 Audials AG
Jaksta Radio Recorder for Windows

Jaksta Radio Recorder for Windows

Find, Record & Convert Web Radio Shows & Stations onto your PC easily with Jaksta Radio Recorder for Windows. Jaksta Radio Recorder includes a Guide and scheduler to make it easy to find and automatically record your favorite shows. Sirius/XM, BBC, NPR, CBC, IHeartRadio streams ...

Shareware  18,053k 597 Jaksta Technologies Pty Ltd


Freeware player for online radio. You can listen the preselected high quality streams or add yours. Drag&drop support for playlists (local files as well as URLs from stations websites). Automatic streams retrieving from playlists. History of all listened tracks.

Freeware  6,081k 412 FBytes com


Ever felt uncomfortable about time that it takes from the moment when update of JIRA project takes place and you becoming aware of it? Ever wished to receive notifications about activities that happen in JIRA right away, wherever you are, just by taking a quick ...

Freeware  5,632k 477 Scand Ltd


What exactly is onlineTV? - onlineTV gives you access to hundreds of music videos, TV live streams, radio streams, webcams and more - Select from hundreds of music video's your favorite song - Listen to your favorite local radio stations such as NDR2 or FFH ...

Freeware  4,866k 472 concept design GmbH


With BriefAudit, every user can easily see document changes history. It selects files modifications events keeping only the essential informations: Date and time of file modification, Modifier's identification into comments area = file properties. Just right click on the file FOO and select Properties-using Windows ...

Shareware  2,712k 960 Soft Experience

AAA Greedy Worm Game

Greedy Worm is an extended classic Worm/Snake style game with an amazing vision impact. In the game you navigate a little worm to eat various magic beans in a rippling pond. When you eat 5 same color beans in series, the relevant magic will take ...

Shareware  3,570k 2663 share2 share2


All Cleaner cleans your browser tracks, including: cache, cookies, History, Mail Trash, Drop Down Address Bar, Auto-Complete forms, and Downloaded Program Files.All Cleaner works with IE, Netscape, NeoPlanet, AOL, Compuserve, Opera and more!All Cleaner will also clean Recycle Bin, Registry Streams, Windows Run History, Windows ...

Shareware  2,190k 1082 Leo van Opstal


WhMic is a multimedia program running on Windows whose purposes are: - The treatment of voice in order to enhance its quality and to facilitate its detection. - The bi-directional communication and the diffusion of voice, music and messages using TCP/IP. - The playing and ...

Shareware  1,448k 1037 WhmSoft
Dazzling Daytona Sun Screensaver

Dazzling Daytona Sun Screensaver

Watch this dazzling screensaver of the sparkling Daytona Beach Sun rising and setting. Be captivated by the views of the rippling waves, soaring birds, and majestic cloudscapes. This screensaver contains twenty-two full-color photos and four light tunes playing in the background. Configuration options include: enable/disable ...

Shareware  2,378k 1112 Envision Programming
Scenic Waterways

Scenic Waterways

This breathtaking slide show demonstrates the beauty of one of the four elements water. Enjoy this peaceful screensaver, which shows full color images of roaring rapids, icy streams, autumn rivers stunning waterfalls, babbling brooks and more. The full version includes 17 more beautiful images, ...

Shareware  2,815k 1674 Rhode Island Soft Systems

Happy Dream Worm

Happy Dream Worm is an extended classic Worm/Snake style game with an amazing vision impact. In the game you navigate a little worm to eat various magic beans in a rippling pond. When you eat five same-color beans in a series, the relevant magic will ...

Shareware  4,844k 1957 Frus Studio
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